Bruce Cost - 66 Calorie Ginger ale (Sweetened With Monk-Fruit)

Bruce Cost - 66 Calorie Ginger ale (Sweetened With Monk-Fruit)

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Looking for less sugar? We got you! Sweetened with pure cane sugar and monk fruit, an age-old Chinese medicinal and z sweetener. This ale has the same great, fresh ginger taste you have grown to love in our original, but with only 66 calories.

A descendant of the first soft drink, our ginger ale is delicious, sparkling and rich with whole ginger (long enjoyed for digestive comfort.) Unique among ginger ales, it's made with only fresh ginger and pure cane sugar & all our f start with this deliciously simple formula. Unfiltered, with tiny ginger particles, and shaken slightly before pouring, it has the adult "mouth feel" of a beer or wine. It even provides iron, calcium and vitamin A and C.

INGREDIENTS: Carbonated Water, Pure Cane Sugar, 100% Fresh Ginger, Monk Fruit Extract, And Citric Acid

  • Product of Brooklyn, New York, US
  • 66 Calories
  • 0g fat
  • 0g Sodium

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