About Us

We love soda pop and the good times that come with it, that’s why we decided to bring some of our favorite drinks to you. We have taken the time to source some of the rarest and most exotic sodas and beverages the world has to offer. We have a store located in Edmonton, AB, and our entire selection is available to ship worldwide.

From old time classics to the latest and greatest in craft batch beverages, we do our best to bring it all to you, so that you can enjoy them as much as we do. Truth be told we originally started getting these for ourselves because honestly who doesn’t enjoy the timeless feel of a cold drink from a glass bottle with a pop top, but as our taste’s grew so did our desire to share it with friends and family near and far. That’s why we expanded our selection and opened shop here in Edmonton.

Our drinks are carefully selected to ensure the selection is as rare as possible so that your taste buds experience the exotic flavors from parts known, and unknown.

YEG Exotic Pops is your place for the very best and rarest beverages in Canada. There are so many reasons why a exotic pop is right for you, whether your sitting back with some friends at home relaxing or just need that nostalgic taste of a soda you love this is the place to come and get it.

If we don't have it, we will get it, and with an always changing and growing inventory you wont be waiting long to get the drinks you need.