Zuberfizz - Vanilla Cream Soda (USA)

Zuberfizz - Vanilla Cream Soda (USA)

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Zuberfizz Vanilla Cream Soda comes in a old fashioned glass bottle.

Pick quality over quanitiy.  Durango Soda Company takes pride in their manufacturing process, ingredients and packing.  Each batch is handcrafted in small quantities with fresh rocky mountain water from the San Juans. Pure cane sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup is used with no harsh chemicals.  A superior container to aluminum or plastic for taste, your health and the environment.

So twist one off and drink it down, it's the real deal!

The caramel-colored liquid gives a sharp hiss upon opening and a crackling pour that settles to light popping.  As a layer of bubbles dissipate, the scent of vanilla extract with some pungency.  Mild carbonation, revealing a smooth, thin consistency.  The taste is of soft & sweet vanilla with a slight acid tang.  This is one for those that like a classic sweet soda with some tang.

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