Moshi - Original Yuzu Sparking Drink (12oz)

Moshi - Original Yuzu Sparking Drink (12oz)

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A soft drink made with yuzu which has a wonderful flavour on it's own, but is extra special when mixed with peach juice. Delicious and Unique! I bought a case of the Moshi Yuzu Red Shiso & Apple Sparkling Drink for a party and everyone loved them! They have a unique citrus flavour that is unique and delicious.

  • Native to Japan, the Yuzu fruit must be harvested immediately after ripening, making it a delicacy that is tricky to grow but incredibly rewarding for its flavour and aroma
  • The fruit contains 3 times more vitamin C than lemons and is extremely rich in essential oils
  • All-natural and made with filtered water, cane sugar, and yuzu juice imported directly from Japan
  • Vegan, gluten-free, OU Kosher certified without any artificial preservatives or colouring
Carbonated Water, Organic Cane Sugar, 100% Yuzu Juice, Organic Yuzu Flavor

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