Fitz’s - Coffee Cola (USA)

Fitz’s - Coffee Cola (USA)

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This soda was put together using real sugar cane and real coffee from Kaldi's Coffee in St. Louis Missouri. This is the best melding of two flavours, first a normal cola flavour and then you get a nice smooth coffee flavour. This coffee soda would pair well next to just about anything.

Features of Fitz's Kaldi Coffee Cola:

  • The best melding of two flavours
  • Hand-batched in a microbrewery in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Sweetened with 100% pure cane sugar
  • 12-ounce glass bottles


Fitz's American Grill and Bottling Works
Fitz's vintage soda bottling line consists of equipment that was typical of bottling plants operating in the United States during the 1940s and 1950s. After searching the country for authentic vintage equipment, they found their bottling line sitting in a barn in Shawano, Wisconsin. Each piece of equipment was painstakingly taken apart and rebuilt prior to being placed in St. Louis, MO in 1993.

All of Fitz's hand-batched sodas are made on-premises according to original recipes using only traditional, high-quality ingredients including all-natural pure cane sugar. Fitz's Bottling Works never uses high fructose corn sweeteners in any of their sodas.



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