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Filbert's Blueberry Soda

The deep purple-blue liquid gives a tiny hiss upon opening and a quiet pour. As a few bubbles surface, the scent is of light blueberry. Sip it and find it has a moderate mouthfeel, slight thickness, and extremely light carbonation. The taste is of a subtle, natural blueberry balanced with lively citrus. There's moderate acid with a bit of dryness in its finish. This is a fairly smooth beverage for those looking for an interesting soda.

In summary, Filbert's Old Time Quality Blueberry Soda:

  • smells of light blueberry
  • has a moderate mouthfeel with light carbonation
  • tastes of subtle blueberry with lively citrus

It makes for a colorful mixer, so try Filbert's Old Time Quality Blueberry Soda today!

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