Fanta -  Sarsi Huong Xa Xin

Fanta - Sarsi Huong Xa Xin

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Fanta Sarsi Huong Xa Xi - 330ml can

Fanta Sarsi (Huong Xa Xi) - 330 ml can.

What is Fanta Sarsi I hear you say?! This Vietnamese Fanta is flavoured like Sarsi or Sarsaparilla, which is a Vietnamese soda very similar to root beer! Sarsi is traditionally flavoured with the Smilax ornate plant but is also now sometimes flavoured artificially. Try this unusual Fanta flavour whilst stocks last!
Product of Vietnam.
Ingredients: Carbonated Water (C02), sugar, synthetic natural colours, caramel group IV, regulator acidity (E330), preservative (E211) 

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