Calamansi Ade - Pomegranate Soda

Calamansi Ade - Pomegranate Soda

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Calamansi is a kumquat-mandarin hybrid that originally hails from Southeast Asia. 

It offers a distinct, citrus flavour with a refreshing balance of sweet and tart, while boosting the immune system, detoxifying the body, lowering cholesterol, and providing an abundance of antioxidants. 

Calamansi is a tiny, sweet and tart Filipino citrus that we juice to make this tropical twist on traditional lemonade! & is Gluten FREE.

Brewed in Brooklyn, NY.

Ingredients: Filtered water, Calamansi Juice, Organic cane sugar, Pomegranate Juice Concentrate, Brewed Hibiscus Tea, Fruit and Vegetable Juice (for Colour), Natural Flavour, Asorbic Acid (Vitamin C).


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