Astronaut Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwich Neapolitan

Astronaut Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwich Neapolitan

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Experience your own personal space odyssey whenever gravity gets you down with a Luvy Duvy freeze dried Neapolitan ice cream sandwich. Now you can discover what dessert in space must’ve tasted like for astronauts on the early Apollo missions with this ready-to-eat space food that requires no refrigeration. Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors of freeze-dried ice cream are sandwiched between two rich chocolate wafers for an out-of-this-world sweet novelty treat. Send the aspiring astronaut or astronomer in your family over the moon by using the freeze-dried Neapolitan ice cream sandwich as a birthday party favor. The individual package also makes a fun Christmas stocking stuffer and Easter basket surprise. A colorful foil pouch featuring exciting space imagery enhances the authenticity and helps preserve freshness. Pacific Candy gives you full permission to lift off and be the space cadet you truly are with LuvyDuvy’s otherworldly freeze-dried ice cream sand


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