Black Lemonade 355ml

Black Lemonade 355ml

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Black Lemonade Scary Lemonade. "Once you've had black you'll never go back".

Black Lemonade Private Reserve Soda comes in a clear 12 oz (354 mL) glass bottle that shows off its dark turquoise liquid in all its glory. Its black label features a skull and crossbones with bright red, orange, & yellow font reading "Black Lemonade. Private Reserve. Animal Testing Was Consentual. Without a face, you're just a bonehead. This may be your only way out! We want you for life. Remember: Once you drink black you'll never go back." Open up its bottle cap that reads "Black Lemonade Private Reserve" and discover full carbonation with a foamy lift.

Black Lemonade Private Reserve has lemon-lime as its prime flavor, but you'll also taste an intentionally incohesive combination of sour cherry grenadine, sage, and earthy jalapeno. This is not a drink for the weak, but rather for those expecting an intense boost of energy!

In summary, Black Lemonade Private Reserve Soda:

  • has an ominous theme great for those who love dark humor or Halloween
  • is a dark turquoise, almost black liquid
  • tastes of mainly lemon-lime with a kick of sour cherry, sage, and jalapeno

Recommended for adults, Black Lemonade Private Reserve Soda is not a sweet dessert-style drink nor does it pair with food. You'll want to relish this one all on its own.

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